Radius Mobile Bike Shop is Central Pennsylvania’s Premier Onsite eBike & Bicycle service provider. Tune Up Services, Repair, Assembly & Warranty Support.

Signature Tune Up
Recommended for regular, periodic & seasonal maintenance. Service includes: Light Cleaning, Adjust Brakes, Adjust Derailleurs, Adjust Bottom Bracket, Adjust Headset, Adjust Front & Rear Hub Bearings, Basic Wheel True, Lube Cables, Housing & Drivetrain, Clean & Lube Chain, Safety Check, Set Tire Pressure, Test Ride

Rad Deluxe Tune Up
Recommended when your bike needs some serious love. Service includes: Remove, Clean & Degrease Chain / Drivetrain
Clean & Lube Chain, Adjust Brakes, Adjust Derailleurs, Adjust Bottom Bracket, Adjust Headset, Adjust Front & Rear Hub Bearings, Precision Wheel True, Lube Cables, Housing & Drivetrain, Safety Check, Set Tire Pressure, Cleaning, Test Ride

Basic Bicycle Assembly 
Assembly & Tune of Commuter, Road, Gravel, Mountain or Youth Bike that Arrives in a Standard Bike Box.

e-Bike Bicycle Assembly & Tune
Purchase an eBike online via Amazon, eBay, Bikes Direct, Performance Bike, Rad Power, Etc? Need a qualified technician to perform a proper build & tune? Radius Onsite is the missing link.

Non-Standard Bicycle Assembly & Tune
On-site assembly & tune of a non-standard bicycle (Cargo Bike, Adult Tricycle, Etc) bike that arrives in a box, partially assembled (Industry Standard).

Warranty Service
Radius helps Bicycle Manufactures, Brands & Companies resolve issues, reduce returns & improve customer service. Customers hire Radius for warranty service and receive reimbursement from manufacturer / seller side.

A La Carte Services

Derailleur Adjustment
Derailleur Hanger Alignment
Replace Derailleur
Replace Cassette
Replace Chain
Replace Cable & Housing
Install Shifter/Brake Combination
Adjust Caliper/Linear Brake
Adjust Cantilever Brake
Adjust Disc Brake
Replace Cable & Adjustment
Replace Brake Pads
Bleed Hydraulic System
Install Disc Rotor
True Disc Rotor
Install Hydraulic Disc Brakes w/Bleed
Install Mechanical Brake
Bottom Bracket & Headset
Adjust Bottom Bracket
Adjust HeadsetOverhaul HeadsetOverhaul Bottom Bracket
Install Bottom Bracket
Install Crankset
Install Chainring
Install Headset
Install Fork / Cut Steerer

Flat Repair
Install Tire
Add Sealant to Tubeless
Wheel Truing
Spoke Replacement & True
Wheel Build
Adjust Hub
Overhaul Front Hub
Overhaul Rear Hub
Install Bar Tape/Hand Grip
Install Flat Bar
Install Drop Bar
Tape Drop Bar
Install Stem
Stroller/Jogger/Trailer Repair
Computer Installation
Install Fenders
Install Rear Rack
Install Kickstand
Disassemble and Package
for Shipment (Some Exceptions)
Reassemble Bike from
Shipping box
Assemble Mail Order Bike
eBike Services
Custom Build / Service